About FYAB

FYAB is the leading brand in optimized technologies for haircare, skincare, and personal care. Science is an important component to our brand, and we will always provide the best results catered for you. Our company's vision is to create nourishing skin and haircare products with only the most beneficial ingredients in mind. We aim to deliver effective formulations without compromising the safety of our consumers, all while promoting an individual’s Forever Young And Beautiful lifestyle.

We seek to be effective. All of us at FYAB have a “result oriented” mindset. We study the interactions between the different ingredients in our products, while extensively incorporating published and in-house research for all the ingredients we use. We sought out for a smaller product line where we could really perfect the formulations and focus on the effects. Showing results with a top priority for your personal safety is what we believe in strongly for your Forever Young And Beautiful lifestyle.

At FYAB, consumer safety comes first. We put in lots of time and effort to create products you can feel comfortable using on yourself and on your loved ones. Creating a line of products that are vegan and cruelty-free, as well as being free of any questionable ingredients like sulfates and parabens, is extremely important to us.

We research valuable ingredients and develop flawless formulas that are not only safe and effective, but also internationally compliant. We diligently select each ingredient, concentration, and optimized formulations, to deliver you with top-notch benefits in the safest way possible. Our distinct key ingredients like caffeine, swiss apple stem cells, and fuji mulberry extract, set us apart from other products in the market by embracing a healthful and scientific approach on beauty.