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Hair Vitality Topical Serum

Hair Vitality Topical Serum

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  • Strengthens and thickens hair and roots from within as a scalp and root health support system for visibly Fuller, Stronger, Longer and Healthier Hair. 
  • A cutting-edge dermatological formula created to address the needs of thinning and compromised hair while simultaneously enhancing scalp and root vitality.
  • This topical serum incorporates potent active peptides, botanical extracts, anti-oxidants and essential amino acids, in addition to caffeine, which brings unprecedented health enhancing and revitalizing benefits to scalp, roots and hair.
  • Features Advanced Bioderma’s latest Encap-tec, a bioactive formulation and delivery technology for superior transport and retention of key ingredients for prolonged period for around the clock performance.

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For optimum benefits, use consistently 5 times a week.

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